Rock Climbing

With Luca’s personal experience of over forty years in the vertical realm, where athletic performance and the psychological component merge into various skills and countless tricks of the trade, ranging from reading the rock to efficiently and satisfyingly interpreting technical gestures. Such a strong bond with the discipline of climbing can only be understood through passion!

Passion is, therefore, the focus of the climbing services you find here.

Passion to be shared with experienced climbers and demanding enthusiasts. Or the passion for climbing to be transmitted to beginners in the safest way possible, thus raising the threshold of safety in one of the most beautiful and complete primary sports, whether it be on ice or rock.

Introducing you to the enjoyable game of climbing and engaging with the vertical dimension is the task of Luca and his collaborators.
It’s up to you to experiment and learn while having fun, surpassing your own limits and discovering new challenges, thanks to the necessary tools made available to you by those who have made it their main occupation for years.


Travel to your perfect Sunset.

Discover your next fun adventure
in the Rosengarten!

Enrosadira, which derives from Ladin and means “to turn pink”, is a phenomenon that gives the characteristic pink-purple color to these mountains and is mainly caused by the chemical constitution of the Dolomites: magnesium and calcium carbonate.