Dal Garda alle Dolomiti

The Upper Garda area is one of the fortunate places in Europe where you can engage in a wide variety of sports while staying in the same region. The lake, the mountains with countless trails, the rock walls with multiple climbing routes, the most beautiful canyons in the northeast, and the kingdom of mountain biking, combined with the unmatched climate, make this corner of Italy a paradise for outdoor activities.

Typically, the most popular option is to spend 3 days in the Upper Garda area and 4 days in the Dolomites. The optimal choice is to plan a week-long itinerary starting from the Upper Garda and heading to the Dolomites. This allows you to discover the history and traditions of the local people while immersing yourself in the natural environment, surrounded by unique mountains, valleys, and watercourses, while engaging in various sports activities such as hiking along scenic trails, rock climbing, via ferrata climbing, canyoning adventures, mountain biking, and paragliding.

The activities offered will be selected in agreement with your ideas and abilities.


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Enrosadira, which derives from Ladin and means “to turn pink”, is a phenomenon that gives the characteristic pink-purple color to these mountains and is mainly caused by the chemical constitution of the Dolomites: magnesium and calcium carbonate.